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- Get a file “bin” and set up a file for each target school.

- Attend all high school college-related meetings.

- Meet with counselor and ask questions.

- Identify all the application deadlines for your schools and fill out checklist.

- Get your school’s CEEB code and have it handy along with your SS#.

-  Finalize your resume.

- Prep for final SAT/ACT testing and register.

- Ask teachers for letters of recommendation if your colleges want them.

- Request interviews at privates whenever they are available.

- Get a good senior picture, formal or informal.

- Print practice apps for all your schools even if you will be doing them on-line.

-Review your Handbook carefully.


- Take SAT/ACT as needed (register for Nov/Dec).

- Work on applications.

- See if college applications are on the internet yet

(be sure they are for the right admission term) If so, download & print them for practice and/or get the essays.

- Think about essay topics. Brainstorm.

- Keep grades up! Many schools will request your senior grades in their decision process.

- Are you taking the SAT again?

- Did you obtain all letters of recommendation needed?

- Decide about applying early decision – you can only do one!

- If you’re an athlete, talk to coach(es).

- Polish your resume for the last time!

-Are any of your target schools visiting your high school?


- Attend any workshops/ meetings offered by your high school.


-think about financial aid needs.


- Work on essays and applications.

(many early applications are due in November! )


- Watch deadlines!

- Don’t procrastinate with your apps! The earlier the better.


- Want to take the SAT one more time?


- Have your high school send transcripts to colleges that want them.

- Send thank you notes to anyone who helped you (letters of recommendation etc).

- Be sure your SAT/ACT scores have been sent to all your colleges after your last test.  Send AP scores as well if they are strong.



- This is likely your last chance at the standardized tests – use it if you need it.

- Study Hard!  You can’t afford to let your grades slip.

(first semester grades may be used in decisions)
 - Be sure to report your test scores to all your colleges.

- Use the internet to research scholarships.

- Finish any remaining applications! Proof them over and over.

- Have others read your essays to be sure they are captivating and demonstrate

something unique about you.

- Send your final resume, picture and cover letter to your private schools.

- Think about financial aid needs and familiarize yourself with the forms.

- Keep copies of everything you send.

- If accepted Early Decision, inform other schools.


- The last of the applications should be due this month for Fall admission.


- Are your test scores sent?


- Transcripts sent as required?


- Letters of recommendation in?


 - Obtain FAFSA forms and file as soon as you can after Jan 1;


- Consider using CSS/PROFILE for aid if your college(s) take it. (College Board website)


- You may need a GPA verification form for some state grants.

(research this).


- Attend financial aid workshops at your school or elsewhere.


- Research private scholarships via internet.


- Finish financial aid forms. Timing matters! Being late can literally cost you.

- Tell your parents you will need their 1040 tax information (as current as possible, last years at least)

- You can estimate the financial aid you will receive.

- Have school send updated transcripts or mid year reports if needed.

- Pay attention to correspondence from colleges.

 - Keep your grades up!  Offers can be rescinded!



-FAFSA form due

(Review the SAR you will receive to be sure it is using the right data)

- Register for AP tests.

- Wait for acceptance letters!

( Pay attention to housing forms in acceptance letters.

There may be deadlines and preference options)

- Consider appealing a rejection.

(if it was your first choice and you have some reason for them to reconsider you)

- Notify your counselor when you receive college decisions and write waitlist letters if appropriate.



- Congrats on all your acceptances!  You must generally select a school by May 1.


- Final campus visits if needed to help make your decision.


- Talk to people who can help you decide:  alumni, older friends who are there, parents, and your counselor.


- Prepare for AP tests and finals.

- Review and discuss financial aid offers as part of your decision making process. These can be appealed also.




- Most of your schools must be notified by May 1 with an SIR form.

- Plan summer employment.

- Pay attention to housing and meal plan information contained in your acceptance letter(s).

- Inform the schools you will NOT be attending as well.

- If needed, research loans (PLUS, Stafford etc) to make up for any financial gap after aid results are known.


- Study for finals and APs! (use prep books?)



- Order final transcript and anything else to be sent to your college.

- Consider computer needs for next Fall

(notebooks, wireless connections,  etc)

- Attend all orientations at your college.

- Do some extra research on your college to think about what activities you will pursue.

- Respond to any financial aid offers you received.


- Have a great summer and look forward to the amazing adventure that awaits you!




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