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Career / Technical Education

Career Technical Education as defined by the California Department of Education is a program of study that engages all students in a dynamic and seamless learning experience resulting in their mastery of the career and academic knowledge and skills necessary to become productive, contributing members of society.

Visit the California Department of Education web site to learn more about Career Technical Education.

If your student is interested in meeting with a counselor to help them choose their courses to meet college admin, CTE or both, the student should come in to the SVHS counseling office and fill in a request to see counselor form.

Career Resources


California Apprenticeships

California Employment Outlook/Statistics

Careers in Building




California Career Zone

College Board Career Descriptions

Community  College Apprenticeship Programs

Exploration Program

Exploring Occupations

Industrial Apprenticeships


Kiersey Temperament Sorter

MyMajors (access code: simiVHiS after taken quiz on report tab)

National and International Apprenticeship Programs

Occupational Outlook Information

Simi Valley Adult School

What Can I Do with a Major in...?

Zillions of Career Tools!


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